Dr. Jill DeLeon

Healthcare Consultant

Brief info

A California native, Ms. Jill DeLeon has been licensed chiropractor for over 24 years. She graduated in 1994 and quickly built her first private practice in Studio City, California, with one goal in mind – to educate and help people.

A people person, Ms. DeLeon has been serving her community and is committed to live through improving physical health by incorporating chiropractic care, nutritional education, and exercise.

Ms. DeLeon recently expanded her facility and built a 3,500 sq. ft. state-of-art office to accommodate the growing practice in Beverly Hills and is continuing her mission for true health for people everywhere. The office is equipped with modern health equipment including LED Red light therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber allowing Ms. DeLeon to quickly and accurately assess your condition.

Combining her education experience and philosophy, Ms. DeLeon has an outstanding reputation in the Beverly Hills and as well the medical community.