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Success Stories

What Patients Are Saying

She had severe pain from her sciatic nerve for over a year and a half. She did 1 Bed treatment and was relieved of the pain for 10 months now.

Liz Contello

Had severe rotator cuff pain and very limited range of motion. His doctors said he had to have surgery. He did 2 treatments a day for 2 months and no longer suffered from pain and returned to full range of motion and use of his arm.

Hart Cunningham

His employee suffered a severe knee injury, did 2 Bed treatments and his pain was relieved.

James Smith

At 21 years old I was diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure in the range of 160-165 over 100-105. My doctors told me that if I had a stroke, I could easily die. Blood pressure medication only dropped it 10 points on the Systolic side. I saw many medical doctors, alternative doctors, naturopaths, and Chinese medicine doctors. Everyone said I was the picture of health and nothing we tried had any effect on my hypertension. My father suggested we build an LED Bed, which we did. I did 3-5 LED Bed treatments a week for 2 months and my blood pressure returned to normal…. with no medication. I’ve maintained normal blood pressure for the last 6 years with an average of 1 to 2 treatments a week.

Chase M.

Jan had chronic high blood pressure (hypertension) with Systolic readings as high as166 over Diastolic readings as high as 131. She did a regimen of 3 LED Bed treatments per week for 2 months, charting her blood pressure and her nitric oxide levels on a daily basis. As her nitric oxide levels increased, her blood pressure went down and eventually stayed in the normal range with no medication (the proper wavelengths of LED light at a high level of energy output will release trapped nitric oxide, giving one all the benefits of the “miracle molecule”).

Jan Brandstrader

Margaret was suffering from an autoimmune disease that caused very dark purple blotches of rash on the majority of her otherwise very fair-skinned legs. She had lived with this most of her adult life as nothing she tried was able to help with the condition. She purchased 24 treatments from the spa. After the 9th treatment there was a very slight lightening of the dark purple coloration. After the 24th treatment the rash was now a light to medium pink. She then purchased 24 more treatments, stating: “My 7:30am Bed treatments had a great effect on the rest of my day. I will tell you that it’s not only physical. I am the happiest woman on the planet walking down Park Avenue to go to work in the morning after being in the bed. I’m handling life so much better, letting all the little things just roll off. I found myself being more patient and tolerant. I just love the LightStim LED Bed.”

Margaret W.

Has had 5 back surgeries and takes pain medication. Started using the LightStim Bed about 4 months ago and uses it about every 10 days. He has reduced his pain medication by about 50%.


Has Fibromyalgia and back pain. She uses the LightStim 1x per week and has been using it for a few months. Since using LightStim she takes approximately 60% less morphine.

Debbie Diane

Upon my first experience on the LightStim LED bed at Body Celebration I was amazed at how I felt afterward. I do a lot of physical work and following this treatment every part of my body felt completely relaxed, unlike a massage when you sometimes feel the massage therapist may have left something out. I have since had several treatments and always leave with a feeling of overall well-being. I am amazed by the technology and would highly recommend it.

Emeigh P.

I was skeptical at first, when I tried the LightStim LED bed at Body Celebration, but my experience has been very good. I had an achy, inflamed finger (arthritis) and tendonitis in my elbow. After a couple of sessions on the LED my finger is back to normal and the tendinitis is gone. No more pain!
After using the LED bed just a few weeks, I found I had more energy. At bedtime, I slept through the night – no more waking up two or three times during the night.
I would definitely recommend giving the LightStim LED bed a try!

Janice S.

I have had the unfortunate experience of having a kidney stone, this year. One of the more difficult aspects of this condition is the Opioid sedatives for the Lithotripsy procedures, and the Oxycontin that I’ve had to take and Morphine I was given in the ER for the 10+ pain. The general fatigue and mental fog can last for weeks after ceasing the medications. After the last Lithotripsy, I was able to get in for three 40-min. sessions on the LightStim LED bed at Body Celebration. I was quite pleased to note that the mental fog, and the overall sense of fatigue from both the post-op Sedatives, and the Opioid medications lifted almost immediately.

John S.

One of the dreaded parts of being a distance runner, at age 56, is the inevitable recovery period from any long run. I ran the San Francisco Half Marathon on July 23rd, 2017, and incorporated the LightStim LED bed at Body Celebration into my recovery by having two 40-min sessions, on the two days following the Marathon. I was frankly awed at the results. My overall muscle soreness was all but gone on day three, something that would usually take 6-7 days.

Edgren K.

I am extremely interested in the LightStim LED Bed but as a nurse I wanted scientific data to make sure it works. I was tested before starting and was diagnosed with lots of inflammation and my pancreas was not handling sugar to well.

I did treatments on the Bed twice a week for five weeks, or ten treatments in total.

I then went back to my doctor and was tested again. My inflammation went down about 25%, my liver & brain were better, and my body was handling sugars much better. I will continue with the LightStim LED Bed for another 10 weeks.

Gail Lentz